Commercial Plumbing

When you need experienced and professional repair, maintenance, or installation of plumbing systems in a commercial property, we are the Esser plumbing to call. We handle:

Commercial boiler and heating repair, installation

Commercial buildings require a much larger, and often more stressed, boilers. The same is true of heating units, which may be used to regulate temperatures in expansive commercial properties. Our services can make sure your heating systems are efficient, and if they aren’t, provide the necessary repairs and maintenance. We also handle large scale installations for multiple commercial properties.

Backflow installation and testing

As a matter of safety and hygiene, proper backflow is a must for commercial properties. We can test your current backflow system to ensure that it is properly working, and provide necessary repairs if a problem is detected.


We handle excavation for sites which want to keep the disruption on their property at a minimum, while getting to the work needed to repair your plumbing. Our certified technicians use the right equipment to do the job right, without making any expensive mistakes.

New drain installation

For new properties that need a drainage solution, and older properties that may need a drainage upgrade, we provide high quality drainage systems, and maintenance of existing systems to ensure they’re working properly.

Copper repiping

We provide experienced technical maintenance for copper piping, including their replacement. We check for signs of corrosion, low water pressure, and other problems that may mean a copper repiping is necessary.

Water softeners

Commercial property owners don’t always consider it, but hard water can negatively effect people inside of a building. From on-site laundry, to showering facilities, to simple water flow through plumbing, mineral deposits and build up can cause damage and pressure issues if left unchecked. We provide water quality checks, and water softening solutions.

Well and septic tank maintenance, repair, and installation

Both urban and rural commercial properties require certain standards for well and septic tank installation and performance. We can provide inspections to find any issues that you may be experiencing with your tank or well system, and apply the right solutions.

Clogged water line repair

A clogged water line can be caused by freezing damage to pipes, physical debris which may have become trapped in the line, and by many other sources. Our line repair services can quickly assess the situation and resolve it before your clogged line leads to more extensive, and expensive, damage for your property.

Toilet maintenance and installation

We provide professional maintenance and installation of commercial toilets on your property, including the installation of water-efficient toilets that can help to control your utility costs throughout the year.

Leaks, drips, and low water pressure

Issues that are hurting your property’s utility performance can end up costing you a lot more than you might think. Both leaks and drips lead to wasted water, and wasted money on utility costs, while low water pressure may be a sign of a more extensive problem that hasn’t been discovered. We identify the cause behind leaks, drips, and water pressure concerns, and resolve them quickly.

Faucet repair and installation

Commercial faucets, whether used for food production or employee sanitation, can be installed, upgraded, or maintained to control water costs without compromising their effectiveness.

Hot water heater repair and installation

With our experience in commercial water heater servicing, we are highly capable when it comes to installing, maintaining, or repairing your heater. We also provide consultations for upgrades that may save you money.

We only employ the best certified and experienced Lorain County Ohio plumbers. Call today to schedule an appointment for an inspection.